China media: 50 million immigrants in the next 35 years will be stationed in the United States with the fire room

These are legal immigrants into the United States
According to the latest report by the US Federal Census Bureau, in the next 35 years, the number of new immigrants into the United States will be close to 50 million! How will this affect the US real estate market? In the next decade, new immigrants will continue to pour into the United States. In 2015, there will be 1.24 million new immigrants entering the United States, from 2015 to 2025, there will be 14 million new immigrants into the United States, and In the next 35 years, the number of new immigrants into the United States will reach 49 million. Such a large immigrant team stationed in the United States, believe that the US real estate market or will become increasingly hot. The Census Bureau has published an up-to-date data in its international database. The data included the nationwide population forecast for 2050. The projected figures are NetMigration, which is the number of new immigrants who represent the United States, and the number of people actually moved into the United States by 2015 is more than 1.24 million. According to the latest data, from 2015 to 2025, there will be 14 million new immigrants into the United States, this figure is currently living in Manhattan Island population eight times. While these projections include immigration and illegal overstayers, the vast majority of immigrants will be legally entering the United States because of changes in federal immigration policy. According to the news site Breitbart News, most of these new immigrants who are legally entering the United States are from poor countries who will apply for a green card in the United States so that they can enjoy the superior education, health care and welfare system in the United States. Of many people will apply for membership after joining the United States. The site also said: the majority of Western political leaders talk about reducing the immigrant population, refers to the legitimate immigrants. Like British Prime Minister David Cameron, before the recent election he had vowed to reduce the number of British immigrants. But in the United States, the situation is different, policy makers discuss the reduction of immigration, but also legal and illegal. The current debate on the issue of immigration in the United States, the focus is usually on the border security. In the history of the United States, the influx of immigrant tide is mainly the product of the 1965 immigration law, led by former parliamentarian Ted Kennedy, who freed the upper limit of the number of immigrants, Immigration in developing countries has opened the door. In 1970, less than one out of 21 Americans were born abroad; and now, one out of every seven Americans was born abroad. According to the latest data compiled by the Immigration Policy Institute, there are 80 million people in the United States, that is, one-fourth of the total population, not immigrants as the second generation of immigrants. According to another report from the Census Bureau, the rate of foreign-born Americans in the US population will be high in eight years. At present, political leaders from Republicans and Democrats in Washington have begun to drive a significant increase in the number of immigrants, but there are also many populists who are dissatisfied with Capitol Hill. The Census Bureau also predicts that even if the immigrant population will continue to record a year after year, Congress will not take steps to reduce the number of foreign workers entering the United States each year. In fact, bipartisan parliamentarians are pushing more immigrants into the United States. By Senator Rubio and Senator Schumer of New York, who are planning to triple the number of green cards over the next decade. The program was supported by Democrats, Republican donors and big business organizations. These organizations hope that the influx of more immigrants can reduce the wage level. In addition, the White House has launched a project called "New American", which is committed to encouraging green card holders to become citizens of the United States.

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