Yushu rebuilt Beijing support 11.22 billion can not find earthquake trauma

Is built by the Beijing Yushu
Overlooking Yushu, no longer find 5 years ago, the trauma of the earthquake, more of a new building. Jinghua Times reporter Tan Qingzhu Yushu County Fengqian County People's Hospital is under construction, this is the Beijing reconstruction project. April 14, 2010, more than 4,000 meters above sea level Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture suffered earthquakes, the city was instantly razed to the ground. 5 years later, Yushu from devastation to the spring bloom. 5 years behind the reconstruction of the 16,000 Beijing reconstruction army of blood and friendship, Yushu street everywhere "thank Beijing" slogan. According to reports, from 2011 to 2014, Beijing counterparts to support Yushu funds 1.122 billion yuan. Today, the construction of the army has left, nearly a hundred aid youth is still this plateau, Yushu future planning, running. Aid to welcome the "family" April 22, 2015 afternoon, 63-year-old Tibetan talented people's door was knocked. Heard of those who are Beijing's aid young cadres, Dan Ren Ren old man's face immediately put on a smile, open the door to meet. Not wait for the cadres to sit down, the elderly side to a pot of yak meat, do not speak Mandarin Putong Ren Ren lay meat, do not know how to express, with a smile pointing to the basin, from the mouth out of a few words: Ah, welcome. "Potted yak meat some dry, bone with white butter. From Beijing Shunyi aid youth Ding Changqing looked at the front of the beef, my heart touched: "uprooted to come here, they always like their loved ones, the best home to you, and my heart is very warm." Ding Changqing told reporters, cadres To the Tibetan people to investigate, which is often courtesy. Hada, beef, milk tea, cheese, in short, full of enthusiasm. What touched him was that an old man had given him a "ritual", and in Tibetan rituals, only between the family and the closest person, "he took us as a child." Road widening Yushu 98% of the household population is the Tibetan, to the Tibetan people survey is an important task of aid young cadres. Understand the housing, life, ask you what the new Yushu management are not satisfied. Once the talent has two sons, the eldest son when the monks, the youngest son in Yushu Personnel Bureau temporary workers. Like most of the Tibetan people, the family lived in the adobe house and almost collapsed after the earthquake. Now, once talented and young children assigned to a set of 80 square meters of housing, home with water, toilet and sewer, power supply is not the same as before. He heard that some of the district also for heating, very warm. "For decades, I do not think so Yushu can be so good, the road is very wide, the street is very bright, the street is also a lot of clean." Once talented people said the road running the bus is very beautiful, he knows these cars are Beijing aid, some stations will be written "Beijing bus group" words. Behind the changes in the talent to see, by the Beijing-built Yushu "4 horizontal and 15 vertical" municipal road network. In addition, there are the world's highest water supply plant, sewage treatment plants, landfills, as well as urban water supply, sewage, rain, gas and other 200 km of municipal pipelines, are completed by the Beijing reconstruction team. Income doubled earthquake to Yushu can not erase the injury, but after the Yushi Yushu give the people to bring unlimited hope. After the reconstruction of Yushu, there are good municipal infrastructure, attracting many tourists and foreign businessmen. Once the talent has also opened a small canteen, his wife Zaba hair was arranged to the community to do sanitation workers, home income doubled. 40-year-old Sonan live in the street before the earthquake, every year in addition to digging Cordyceps, odd jobs no other income. After the earthquake, through the construction of the new Yushu Dongfeng, he loaned three floors of the hotel. Yushu's charming night, pyramid-like tourist center neon shining, Gesar Wang Square magnificent. The museums, inspired by the turnovers, the modern Yushu Theater, these beautiful urban architecture, and the perfect municipal facilities are the flags of the consultants at the hotel. In addition, Beijing is also responsible for the Yushu Longbao town, Kazakhstan show the overall construction of the township, the world's largest Mani heap seat Xinzhai Village, in the hands of Beijing aid team, was playing a distinctive plateau tourism town. The number of support within 4 years 1.1 billion from 2011 to 2014, Beijing counterparts support Yushu funds 1.122 billion yuan, covering disaster areas and non-disaster areas. In the medical and health aspects, in addition to the completion of the capsule Qian County People's Hospital inpatient department, also invested in the construction of Qu Ma Lai County People's Hospital complex. The transformation of 10 non-disaster areas of township hospitals business space, 258 village-level health facilities. In the construction of educational facilities, built Qianqian County wheat Yongcun village primary school. Municipal infrastructure, the delivery of more than 2000 solar street lights, centralized water supply 343, in the tourism town of Xinzhai Village transformation of 500 sets of housing exterior decoration style. According to reports, since the 1950s to the earthquake before the entire Yushu fixed assets investment of less than 8 billion yuan, and after the earthquake to the present short four or five years, fixed assets investment reached 440 billion yuan. Yushu State Party Secretary Wen Guodong said that after the earthquake, Yushu achieved a 20-year development. About the Beijing Municipal Road and Bridge Group Yushu reconstruction project headquarters deputy commander Xue Erping (46 years old) "to build such a beautiful city is not easy" Xue Erping in June 2010 to Yushu. He said that at that time the Yushu everywhere residual brick rotten tile, completely became a ruin. Tibetans are living in tents, the kind of messy, blind life can not use language to describe. "Said over the years no longer no longer tears, but I still could not help but cry." Xue Erping said. Came to Yushu is to build, but not started, Xue Erping the state of the individual is not good. 4000 meters above sea level, Xue Erping did not withstand the high response to the plateau, not catch the gas, brushing had "intermission." "Insomnia, headache, the first week I almost did not sleep in the evening in the tent, dry staring eyes, my mind is sober .In fact, can not sleep more than one of me." Xue Erping told reporters that the plateau oxygen content Only 40% of the plains, every day when working like wearing a "spell". Adapted to the altitude sickness, began to solve the problem of eating. Xue Erping said that cooking on the plateau is a science, noodles, dumplings, steamed buns must use the pressure cooker to do. Tibetan people to eat boiled meat, boiling water to eat, but also 80 degrees, simply cooked unfamiliar. "We bought a pressure cooker, no one taught I do not know ye, noodles either unfamiliar, or boiled, and groping for half a year to be considered to understand." For Xue Erping, the body and life changes are not the most difficult, most afraid of the night Lonely, miss. By the end of 2013, the national grid has not entered Yushu, Yushu every night are power outages. "The room did not have any light to come in, surrounded by silence, feeling like sleeping in the cellar, depressed, oppressed. That night, I spent two years now think of it ... ... not just lonely, fear, is fear. Think of the day really long, homesick, like my son. "In June 2013, Xue Erping left Yushu with colleagues drink a wine, then many people are crying. "In this year in March, Xue Erping with technical staff to Yushu for the project back to the inspection.".... He drove on the road, watching himself involved in the construction of the street lights really beautiful, the road covers no one sink. "I took a lot of video, go back to his son to see his father's results." Jinghua Times reporter Huang Hailei from Yushu

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